Monday, June 20, 2011


From Waitress to Empress !!

Sonia Gandhi is that her real name her birth certificate says her name is Antonia. Her Indian passport also has the same name Antonia Maino, so why is this name Sonia Gandhi being used, alright Gandhi can be understood because she married Rajiv Gandhi but why Sonia? When it is not even an Italian name. Rather it’s a Russian name. Antonia is an Italian name so why Mrs. Gandhi has taken this name Sonia from where did this name came from? There are lots of rumors about this but the real reason is that her father was there in a Russian Jail for four years as a prisoner of war, he had signed up with Hitler’s army when Hitler’s army went to Russia he was captured in Russia near St. Petersburg and kept into jail for four years. But unlike all other German soldiers whom Russian never released before twenty years in his case they released him in four which has taken into mean that he must have capitulated and agreed to become a member of the KGB and that is why he was let off. Therefore, he came back and gave Russian names to all his children.
According to Sonia Gandhi’s birth certificate she was born on 9th December, 1944 but at that time her father was in jail in Russia now unless like Jesus Christ did some immaculate conception took place! We are not able to explain how this is possible that she claims her father is Stefano Maino when his father he was in jail at that time since four years. That leads to another mystery, Sonia Gandhi in the parliamentary records she says that she was born in Orbassano, a town near Turin but her birth certificate says that she was born in Lusiana which is on the border of Switzerland a little village 30 km from Vicenza in Veneto, Italy. It was a resort town for German soldiers during war, so why did she hide her place of birth? Unless she don’t want her birth place to be known or she don’t want people to investigate.

Another thing Sonia Gandhi has faked her degree of Cambridge University , she had given an affidavit that said that she has studied English at Cambridge University but the University says that there was no such student so in the end Sonia Gandhi dropped this affidavit from the records. Now once she admitted that she studied there then she removes this affidavit isn’t it a total blunder? But unfortunately our society is not tuff enough, in any other country if you have faked your educational degrees or even in our country if an ordinary man gets an employment by faking his degree he loses his job! And even the Supreme Court repeatedly up held’s that one of the biggest crime is to fake your educational degree to get a job and here somebody who stood for the election of the Prime Minister and even won it has faked it. After reading the Satyas advertisement in the New York times the only objection is that he said that Sonia Gandhi passed high school but she did not, she did not passed the high school, she did not studied beyond class fifth in this she shares a common educational background with Karunanidhi.

Now a question arises how you supported yourself if you did not studied in the Cambridge University, how you survived there in London for five years don’t we Indian Citizens have a right to ask that even before marriages these questions are asked. Why can’t we ask Sonia Gandhi where did you worked for five years without a high school certificate without any higher educational degree, where did you work in London and for whom, the country has every right to know. When we people apply for a job we are asked these questions why can’t we ask the same questions to Sonia Gandhi.

Now the citizenship question, Is she a citizen of India, Yes she is a citizen of India, she got the citizenship by registration of course after almost 18 years after being in India well when it was asked to Sonia Gandhi that have you renounced your citizenship of Italy she writes NOT APPLICABLE. Why, how can you write that? A junior Officer object’s to it that you have to present a certificate from your government of Italy that you have renounced your Italian citizenship then Mrs. Gandhi produces a letter from the ambassador of Italy that Sonia Gandhi has renounced her citizenship and has informed us about it and Indira Gandhi orders this letter should be accepted. Under section 10 of the citizenship act any irregularities found at any time in the citizenship forms filled by a person is an offence and it can lead to cancellation of his/her citizenship. A new government in India without congressi flatter’s in it can easily cancel her citizenship with one stroke of the pen, the home minister could write “I having satisfied myself that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi having not filled her citizenship application form properly therefore hereby I, order the cancelation of her citizenship.” Well her future is very bleak in this very so matter.

Sonia Gandhi has received 2 billion dollars into her name in 1991, who says this and why, the government of Switzerland says this because the American’s had put pressure on them to tell them about Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos and all the leaders who had accounts in the Swiss bank. The Americans had put immense pressure so the Swiss authorities had tabulated all foreign leaders who had illegal accounts in Swiss bank. A photo of Rajiv Gandhi was also put up in a Swishter magazine with a caption below that he and his family owns 2 billion USD November 1991 and who was the beneficially of Rajiv Gandhi’s death, Sonia Gandhi all that money has gone to her similarly all the money of Indira Gandhi gose to Sonia Gandhi most of the money of Sanjay Gandhi goes to Sonia Gandhi; well death is very profitable for Sonia Gandhi. It is said in the law that in any criminal case the first suspect is the beneficial. Some day we may have to find out. What is wrong in asking these questions to the person who is ruling the country as Dr. Manmohan Singh is just the pseudo Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi whereas Sonia Gandhi is ruling the nation from the backstage.

-This was said by Dr. Subramaniyam Swami at New York.


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  2. let he who is without sin, cast the first stone

  3. Puri family hi Fake hai..:P

  4. Great great great story about a corrupt woman. Lets start a Movement to Know her real identity, something like, The People of India WANT TO KNOW SONIA GANDHI. Someone please lead and fund this. I will be the member too.